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Simon Speirs

We received the sad news that Simon died on Saturday 18th November following an accident. He was participating in The Clipper Race – around the world yacht race – and was knocked overboard. More details of the tragic accident are on the Clipper website. He was buried on Sunday at sea about 2000 miles from Freemantle.

Simon was vice-chair of QEH Governors and father of Toby (Sixth Form) and Ed and Michael who both attended QEH.

John Betty is our new President of the Old Boys’ Society.

An Unforgettable Morning Assembly

Bob Axbey tells us all about it – Click here to read it.

Talking Books and QEH author David “Harry” Dutton

According to a recent radio 4 broadcast, the fastest growing sector of publishing is “Talking Books” largely due to the ease of downloads to I Pads and smart phones thus dispensing with the paraphernalia of discs and cassettes of old. You will be pleased to hear that David “Harry” Dutton whose fascinating autobiographical book on his childhood and his memories of QEH in the ‘50s, “Up the Bumpy Lane”, can now be heard on U Tube with readings by the author himself. It is an excellent book which was chosen as Book of the Month in the Evening Post and reviewed very favourably on Radio Bristol too. I would heartily recommend it to QEH Old Boys. Follow the link below and enjoy listening to oral history and personal memories of the school.
The book Up the Bumpy Lane is now available to download as an e-book from Amazon.

Barry Coombs

QEH Old Boys’ Society

The QEH Old Boys’ Society is an important aspect of the school. Education is for life and the friends made at school can remain important influences for pupils well beyond their time at Brandon Hill.

Membership of the QEH Old Boys’ Society is a good way for former pupils to keep in touch with their school friends and the activities of the current pupils. Originally founded in 1869, the Society has never lost sight of its original purpose to provide help to members who have fallen on hard times and to assist in providing scholarships, bursaries and donations to provide a first-class education for boys at QEH.

Today the Society flourishes with over 2000 members, including more than 100 from overseas, and membership is growing. It is managed by an annually elected Executive Committee with reunions organised across the country. The Society organises an Annual Dinner held in Bristol and a newsletter three times a year.

Most current QEH and recent Old Elizabethans are automatically Life members of the Old Boys’ Society as their subscriptions have been paid through their fees whilst at School.

The Society is currently offering Life Membership for all those Old Boys aged over 40 at a cost of £40.00 (usually £90).

Should you be an OE wishing to find out what has happened to your old school friends, contact the Old Boys’ Society or the Development Office at QEH.