425 QUIZ

425 Years of QEH

How much do you know about QEH?

Find answers to these questions in the new book by Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan Book

  1. How else is QEH known to Bristolians?
  2. What trade was John Carr involved in?
  3. Which other charity school or “hospice” caring for poor children inspired John Carr to found QEH? It was also the first bluecoat school.
  4. Why did John Carr not leave his money for his children to inherit?
  5. “Whilst we have time let us do good” Where does the school motto come from?
  6. Name the three sites that the school has been on.
  7. Why did boarders have initials on their badges on the bluecoats?
  8. When was our present school building opened?
  9. What was built to mark the 400th anniversary of the school?
  10. According to the 1848 rules, when and for how long were parents allowed to visit their sons?
  11. In 1919 what was the schoolroom used for and why?
  12. In what year was the House system introduced?
  13. The dining room had “family service”. What did this mean?
  14. In which year did the school become an independent school?
  15. In which year did the last boarders leave QEH and the Junior school open?
  16. Who does Steve Ryan consider to be the most remarkable of all the Old Boys?

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